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It began in 1998, with the formation of a web hosting company called Simple Solutions ( We soon realized there was of great need for merchant services among our ecommerce clients. Unfortunately, we were unable to find significant information while doing our extensive research and it resulted in the formation of an online guide called "Got Merchant Accounts" in 1999. The business name changed to in early 2001.

In 2000, we formed a referral partnership with a merchant service provider. In 2003, we decided to get more involved by selling merchant services ourselves. The only way to guarantee our customers received the exceptional service they have come to expect was by dealing with them entirely. We are proud to announce is a registered ISO of Visa, International, and MSP of MasterCard, International. Being a registered ISO/MSP not only displays the professionalism of our industry, it is also required by Visa/MC for any company soliciting credit card processing.

Over the past few years, we have setup merchants of all sizes ranging from small startups to multi-million dollar corporations. As we have done for thousands of Simple Solutions' customers during the past eight years, we will continue our efforts with in providing top quality service. Given that we have access to the same pricing as any other provider or bank in the world, our customers have found us to excel in providing them with quality personal service not normally found in any industry today.

History Timeline

2011 Launched our Free POS system for retail stores & restaurants of all sizes
2010 Received a 5-star rating from, an online review site. We were not aware of the site until they reviewed us.
2009 Received the excellence award from and was placed in their top 10 listing.
2009 Formed a few partnerships with various ecommerce shopping carts.
2007 Received the "most accounts submitted" award from our merchant service partner
2007 Launched a new & improved affiliate program offering up to $500 cash for each referral
2007 Formed a strategic partnership with one of our merchants, to offer merchant account services to their customers
2005 Ventured into the processing of business & government GSA purchasing cards (level 2/3)
2005 Received ISO registration approval from Visa & MSP registration approval from MasterCard through HSBC Bank. A required process for any company who is not a member bank of the associations (V/MC).
2004 Received the "Rookie of the Year" award from our merchant service partner
2003 Formed another partnership to handle all parts of the business in-house
2001 The business name changed to
2000 Formed a strategic partnership with a merchant account service provider
1999 Company created an online merchant guide under the name of "Got Merchant Accounts"
1998 A web site hosting company was born, called Simple Solutions (