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We have been setting a higher standard for quality service since 1998. With feedback from many customers, we are building a reputation for quality service. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about

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We have been using for three years now. I couldn't be happier with the service I receive. I simply wish other companies provided the level of personal service they do. They are great to work with and it's a nice touch when I receive my yearly birthday card from them.

Dr. Michael Stevens, DDS
Stevens Dental
(254) 729 - 8400

Product: Verifone 3740
Customer Joined on: August 2, 2006

As a CPA and a person who has been studying all aspects of business my whole life, I can say first hand that understands what it takes to run an excellent organization. Their customer service is one of the best I have experienced not only in the merchant account industry, but in all industries combined. It is simply unmatched. It took some companies a couple days to get back to my inquiries or questions. answers your questions almost instantly. I have researched, reviewed, and spoken to reps of many merchant account companies, and I can tell you is the best hands down.

Nicholas Singer
Super Dollar

Product: 2 Free Casio Cash Registers
Customer Joined on: February 12, 2010

I recommend to anyone that is interested in accepting credit cards. Customer service is very helpful and courteous. They are fantastic to work with!

Lisa Jay
Lantana Designwear

Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: September 1, 2003

Our rep was very helpful, professional, and quick to respond to emails and calls. This is our first website/merchant account and he was able to get the "new customer risk hold" taken off our account to allow deposits to go into our bank account. Thank you!

Sam Cole

Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: January 29, 2010

Mr. Curtis was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my merchant service choices. In addition, his personal follow-up in smoothing out any possible glitches is most valuable. I highly recommend!

Haim Becker
Lustre Gems

Product: Touch Tone (web site)
Customer Joined on: June 7, 2005

I would be glad to talk about the plan, service, and best of all, you! <grin>

You have always been very helpful and the plan works great!

Bryant Wetzel
Colorado Home Inspections

Product: Touch Tone
Customer Joined on: February 16, 2005

I can't say enough about the wonderful services provided by From day one, their staff has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend

Dr. Max Chorowski, M.D.
The Counseling & Gynecology Group (web site)

Product: Verifone 3750
Customer Joined on: January 5, 2004

There have been a few instances when our credit card terminal failed to batch out a transaction or two. Every time we needed their assistance, was there for us! Thank you, GM!

Don Stevens
Stevens Grocery & Market
(254) 729 - 3404

Product: Verifone 3750 w/ Verifone 1000SE Pin Pad
Customer Joined on: October 24, 2003

I worked with a year ago to get a merchant account up and running on my website. My merchant account was ready to go in three days and has performed flawlessly since. I do not worry about taking orders, having a merchant account or any of the things which concerned me before I began working with their staff. I have seen business increase and am delighted to know that I have a knowledgeable resource when I need additional help. Thanks to your helpful, friendly staff I am able to focus my energies on the real work of running my business.

Mary Rambo
Meri Enterprises has been wonderful to us. When we originally had them reprogram our machine, it was setup to ask for the last four digits of the credit card before it would allow you to process a sale. Even though this feature is designed to help merchants like us with fraudulent credit cards, we didn't feel the need for the extra steps as it is a small, neighborhood restaurant. helped us get a new download for the machine on a Saturday and has been working great ever since. Thanks!

Paul Swick
Babe's Steaks & Seafood

Product: Verifone 3200
Customer Joined on: April 15, 2005

I wanted to thank you again for all the great customer service and assistance you gave me before even had me setup and approved for a merchant account. I do not recall ever being treated better by a sales representative, as you have really been there for me! I appreciate your continuous help and support with my business' success and growth. You also made some suggestions to help my business succeed even when I did not ask for it! I have had the merchant account with GM for a little over a month and everything has been going smoothly since the beginning.

I remember you replied to my application within a few business hours and were able to get my account approved and setup quicker than most other companies I had applied with. You were 100% honest and helpful during the approval process. I liked that you were able to get me pre-approval before signing the application and didn't force me into a contract like everyone else. I had such a horrible time trying to get approved and setup with all the other big name providers. One sales representative even lied to me and had me setup totally different than neither what he promised nor what I applied for.

I sell fitness equipment and needed a high monthly volume limit. All the other companies promised high limits and never performed, but you guys delivered as promised. The other companies caused many days of frustration and lost sales.

It is extremely nice not having to worry anymore about getting a merchant account, but I can focus more on making sales. Now that I have a higher monthly volume limit, I can bring in and process more sales than what I did in the past! The rates are low and no reserve requirements unlike the competition. Your customer service has always provided me with excellent service up to this day. Thank you very much!

Tom Truxell
Truxell Enterprises

Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: February 25, 2004

We were having issues getting set up with our new POS software for Mac (Lightspeed) and, and we couldn't have asked for quicker response time from the friendly staff at Even though the problem wasn't on their end, they helped us communicate the problem to and the situation was resolved very quickly. You can count on Curtis at to give you lightning fast reponse time and very friendly advice. Thank you so much!

Amanda Moody
Well Suited

Product: VPOS
Customer Joined on: July 13, 2011

Very pleased with the service, enough said.

Jack Matthews
The Mathews Company

Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: February 12, 2004

Setting up a merchant account for the first time seemed like a daunting task, until I discovered They were patient with my beginner questions and helped me set up an account that's just right for my business. The rates are hard to beat, but what's even better is the customer service. They offer the same level of personal attention that I try to offer for my customers. is a perfect fit for us, and I bet you'll feel the same way.

Rise & Shine, LLC
Ryan Howell

Product: Verifone VX510
Customer Joined on: July 1, 2010

We needed an internet gateway. Curtis not only got it in a couple of hours, but he eliminated the $99 set up fee was charging and the monthly charge was 50% less than if I signed up with them directly. Thank you Curtis!

True Appraisal Services LLC
Steven Naimoli

Product: QuickBooks Plugin
Customer Joined on: February 2, 2010

Our experience with has been terrific. Curtis has been extremely responsive to any questions we have had and everything has gone very smoothly. We highly recommend!

Kim Regester
T3 Lacrosse, LLC

Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: February 25, 2010's customer service is exceptional. Though we are the smallest of small businesses, they have always treated us like we're a Fortune 500 company.

Rebecca Hicks
Lunasea Studios

Product: Way Systems 1510
Customer Joined on: July 10, 2007 was able to quickly upgrade my Quickbooks plug-in 2008 to one that works with version 2011. I appreciated the speed of dealing with the issue.

Josh Feinkind
RefinedKind Pet Products

Product: QuickBooks Plugin
Customer Joined on: March 9, 2010

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