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We have been setting a higher standard for quality service since 1998. With positive feedback from thousands of visitors, we are building a customer base with a solid reputation for quality, personal service. Listed below are a few of the countless testimonials we have received.

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Curtis was a great help setting up my account and answering all my questions. Thanks alot!

Richard Lipscomb
Housing Compliance Specialists, LLC

Used Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: February 17, 2006

Service and statements were easy to use and every was very friendly.

Family Notions
Susan Godzala

Used Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: December 7, 2005

The slogan for this company, "Service with a personal touch!" is really true. My personal account manager, Curtis not only answered my emails the same day I sent it, he also gave me his cell phone number to call when I had questions - which I did. He organized all the forms and explained everything. To have someone at hand who can answer every question is an immense help to a small business owner. I would highly recommend

Sharon Henry
Graphic Select

Used Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: October 6, 2007

Our small business has been pleased to offer credit card sales. We have a very limited clientele so the old fashioned paper sales slips work for us.

Tammy Cleveland
Four Corners Farrier Supplies

Used Product: Touch Tone (charge by phone)
Customer Joined on: December 7, 2004

Although I found that I did not need credit card processing services during the time that I contracted with, I found them to be easy to work with and never had any problems.

Cici Hallberg

Used Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: June 25, 2004

Service above & beyond anything I ever expected. The software folks (PC Charge) could stand a lesson or two on customer relations from these folks. Many thanks!

Dean Conner
Dean's Lawn Service

Used Product: Touch Tone
Customer Joined on: October 30, 2003

Although a seasonal small business, opened their doors to work with me and to provide the appropriate services for my business at fair and reasonable fees. The professionalism and customer service which received from the company, is much appreciated.

Patricia Taime
FireWorks Lady

Used Product: Touch Tone
Customer Joined on: June 24, 2004

We have been so happy with the service we purchased from! When I started looking into the credit card processing service, I was sure it would be a headache but signing up with was painless! We have had the service for almost a year now and been very happy!

Angela Daffron
Enchanted Candle & Bath

Used Product: Internet Gateway (
Customer Joined on: October 16, 2003

As far as your service, you've been extremely professional, and very proactive. That is rare, and I appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit. Keep up the good work, and we'll be in touch soon.

Robert Guszak
Controversy, LLC.

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