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Free Online Back-office (in real-time) offers a free online back-office management tool. You can pretty much do everything through the web that you can do on the POS itself. The changes are done in real-time. Our main POS system is not cloud based, so it is updating the data that is locally stored on the system. Do you have an accountant or CPA? Great, you can even give them a login granting them limited access to just what they need so they can do their job without needing you. Our back-office also supports multiple locations so you can manage all locations with one login.

The back-office enables you to:

Create multiple logins for others like your CPA or accountant
Manage multiple locations with one login
Run sales & inventory reports
Run payroll reports
Edit menu items and prices
Send messages to employees
View your credit card statements, deposits, & chargebacks

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