2009, the year of mega data breaches
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 1st, 2009

2009 looks like it will be a year with a lot of big mega data breaches, including credit card data.  The government has reported over 400 breaches for 2009.   The big problem is the amount of data that is tied to credit card info, ssn and medical records.  Last year it was around 35 million and 2009 will see over 8 times that much.  Many would consider that an explosion of growth.  The whole credit card industry has had way too many breaches these past few years.  All the data breaches that are related to solten credit cards have played a big role in the formation of PCI compliance among the credit card processing. Because of so many big merchants like TJMax that had their systems compromised, PCI was created to help reduce the problem as it is very expensive for an issuing bank that must reissue all those cards that were stolen. 5 years ago, PCI didn’t exist and all the credit card data breaches during the past 5 years is a major part of why it was created.

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