A Preferred Health Technology being featured

Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 14th, 2009

A Preferred Health Technology is being featured. It is an innovative A-Claim medical payment solution that allows health care providers to increase collections and reduce costs by verifying insurance eligibility. The process is easy. Patients swipe their insurance card at the time of service. The doctor receives a response in seconds that includes insurance eligibility verification with all major insurance companies. Once their eligibility has been verified, the doctor can perform the service. Once the service has been performed, the doctor then needs to take a form of payment from the customer for any applicable co-pays. Such payments could be a credit card or debit card payment. If the doctor doesn’t have this setup, they would need to contact a credit card processing company to have this ability. Once the payment has been approved, the doctor can update their records that all financial obligations have been paid. The doctor can also accept pin debit type transactions for more secure, chargeback proof transactions.

3Delta becomes certified on Chase Paymentech

Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 14th, 2009

If your business needs to process level 3 data for government credit cards, then you have one more choice when it comes to credit card processing companies. 3Delta Systems has now become certified on the Chase Paymentech processing platform. You can use their service to process level 3 transactions on that processors platform. 3Delta is already certified on numerous platforms, but this adds one more company giving merchants another choice in payment processors. This also helps 3Delta improve it’s product offerings, which should also have a direct affect on their sales.

Merchants can reduce their processing costs if they process credit cards using level 3 data. However, this only comes in handy when merchants process business or corporate cards, not if their customer base consist of mostly consumers. The main difference with level 3 is it consist of extra line item data, such as a description of what they purchased. It is exactly as it sounds, line item data or detail. There can be an extra monthly costs to process level 3, but the reduced Interchange rates can well make up for it plus much more.

New York Cabbies Welcome Credit Cards

Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 13th, 2009

Taking credit card payments is becoming the norm for almost all businesses. New York cabbies didn’t like the idea, but now it seems that they are praising the extra payment method. By having the credit card processing ability, they are finding themselves with higher ticket sales as well as bigger tips. They may not have liked it at first, but it seems the yelling turned into praises. Before long, all cities across the country will be embarrassing this new payment method. Not only does it get the customer out of the cab faster, but increases their revenue for the faster they can get to another customer, the more they bring in.

One day in the near future, credit card payments may be the sole payment choice for all consumers. If cabbies do not take them, they may find themselves with a lot less customers or lose them to the cabbies that start taking them. That would in turn create a very competitive market among the transportation industry.

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