5 ecommerce improvement tips
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

Would you like a few more conversion tips for your ecommerce web site?  Here is a list of five in no particular order.  Ecommerce sites should have a site search function.  But many sites all do the same common thing when it comes to a shopper searching for something that wasn’t found.  They say no, they do not have anything for them.  Pretend you are the customer, do you ever want to be told no, sorry?  Instead, have some recommendations of your most popular products at the bottom of the results page after whatever results do show up.  You never know, they may be interested in one of your most popular items.  Some say adding a third party trust certificate helps create trust among shoppers and some disagree.  I’m not for it either way as I do not know exactly what is true, but it couldn’t help if it doesn’t have a cost.  Make your 800 contact number prominent on all pages of the site.  If you do not already have an 800 number, get one asap!  Just like it is best to display your credit card processing logos on all pages, you need to display your phone number so they can easily call you if they want with any questions they may have. Always have a privacy, return and shipping policies for those users that are concerned about those issues. Plus you should have a link to those policies on all pages of the site. Lastly, add a link to your contact page on your product page, a button for example that stands out saying something like contact us with any questions. If a shopper will have any questions, it will most likely be when looking at the product information page.

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