7-Eleven extends processing contract with Heartland
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 17th, 2009

7-eleven has extended their current processing agreement with Heartland for another 7 years.  I was a little surprised to hear this.  7 years is a long time.  Plus with Heartland’s breach earlier this year, I was surprised to hear a big company like 7-eleven sticking around.  Just because their network was breached, that doesn’t mean they are not secure now, but generally news like that doesn’t go over well.  However, that is great news for Heartland and I think that is awesome.  I am also guessing that the pricing they are paying is extremely low.  From all the quotes and pricing I have heard of current merchants paying with Heartland, it wouldn’t shock me at all if they gave the pricing away very cheaply.  Other associates I know in the credit card processing business would agree with me on this. Granted, with a merchant this size, they generally demand very low pricing, but I also bet that their pricing is probably so low, it isn’t worth the headaches that come with 5,800 locations.  Before the breach, Heartland claimed to have over 250K locations.  I wonder how many they have now after the breach.

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