A few tips to boost your sales for the holidays
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 2nd, 2009

Many merchants contact GrooveCommerce during November but are afraid to touch their store until after the holidays.  They don’t want to make any changes and hurt their potential holiday sales.  This may be true, but it also works the other way around.  If they do not make any changes, then they could be giving up a lot of extra sales as well.  Site load time – us consumers are more impatient when looking online than ever before.  With most users on high speed Internet, we expect everything to happen instantaneously.  Studies show that you only have a few seconds for your site to load or many of your visitors may leave.  So it is very important to have a fast loading web site, which all comes down to your web host.  Shipping schedule – it doesn’t matter if you are solely an ecommerce store or not, you need to prominently display your holiday shipping schedule so shoppers know when they should expect their package and if it will arrive in time.  Lastly, check your site for errors.  Go through your site like a shopper and see if you can find any errors that may present issues for your customers.  Such as add an item to your cart, check out and leave some information blank like email, phone, address, etc.  What kind of error message does it give you and is it descriptive?  This also includes your shopping cart and credit card processing integration.

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