A new iPhone app for cash advances
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 30th, 2009

Some merchants are in need of some quick cash but are unable to obtain traditional loans.  That is where cash advances come into play.  The company advances the merchant a set amount based on future credit card receivables.  The part that is new about this is AdvanceMe, Inc. has introduced a new iPhone app that allows business owners to learn more about the service and apply for it with their phone.  This new application allows the company to expand its customer base by reaching the merchants that are always on the go.  Their CEO stated that they understand that small business owners are very busy and have less time than ever to spend on a PC as they are trying to run their business.  This new service allows them to take advantage of their product offers while meeting their needs for convenience and speed.  Most merchants can now also sign up for a cash advance service through their credit card processing provider. Contact yours to find out if you qualify. AdvanceMe said the application is available for free from the Apple Store.

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