A Preferred Health Technology being featured
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 14th, 2009

A Preferred Health Technology is being featured. It is an innovative A-Claim medical payment solution that allows health care providers to increase collections and reduce costs by verifying insurance eligibility. The process is easy. Patients swipe their insurance card at the time of service. The doctor receives a response in seconds that includes insurance eligibility verification with all major insurance companies. Once their eligibility has been verified, the doctor can perform the service. Once the service has been performed, the doctor then needs to take a form of payment from the customer for any applicable co-pays. Such payments could be a credit card or debit card payment. If the doctor doesn’t have this setup, they would need to contact a credit card processing company to have this ability. Once the payment has been approved, the doctor can update their records that all financial obligations have been paid. The doctor can also accept pin debit type transactions for more secure, chargeback proof transactions.

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