A restaurant may be in trouble with Visa/MC
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 1st, 2009

It saddens me to read something like this article.  A restaurant in Ohio recently had their credit card information stolen.  The manager said he was notified a month ago that the system was hacked into and credit card data was stolen during the months of July & August.   Police have been notify local residents that their credit card data may have been compromised.  The restaurant has hired an outside firm to monitor the system and paid a $5K fine.   This is another example of why it is so important for merchants to understand the importance of being PCI compliant and ensuring your system & networks are safe.  From the consumer standpoint, most get worried with their credit card data is stolen.  I wish everyone knew that they are not liable for a penny if they never lose the physical card itself.  It is just a hassle but nothing more.  In summary, be sure whomever you choose as your credit card processing provider, that your system is definitely PCI compliant.

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