A search tool unveiled in times for the holidays for ecommerce merchants
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 20th, 2009

Google has released a new search tool to help shoppers find what they need and merchants to get their products in front of their customers. Google has been releasing a lot of apps over the past few years, but very few are targeted towards ecommerce vendors. This is one of those apps, similar to Google Checkout that handles their credit card processing needs. The search tool allows consumers to search the web for a product they are interested in buying. Google then goes out and see’s which ecommerce stores are selling these items and returns the results. One great feature Google has been known for is their spell check suggestions, which can be great for people like me that type fast and make too many errors!

It is also noted that Microsoft’s new Bing engine has been making online shopping a focus point. Google’s new search tool is a product to fend off those efforts. Google is going after the retailer while Bing is marketing towards the consumer or shopper.

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