AbleCommerce Cart Review
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on March 10th, 2010

top_nav_logoThis time I am reviewing the AbleCommerce shopping cart.  It is a Canadian company with about 11K active users and have been around for 15 years.   It started back in 1994 under a different name, which seems like ages ago.  They were a hosting company that wanted to add value to their customers by providing a shopping cart.  It then evolved into what it is today.  They offer both hosted and licensed versions.  The price is an affordable $99 per month. If you choose to own the software and install it on your own server, that will set you back $995.  They claim to be PCI compliance, so there should be no worries there.

One of their strengths is their history and long term stability in the  shopping card industry.  Their big weakness is the lack of easy modifications without affecting the customer’s ability to upgrade to new versions.   The cart is compatible with payment gateway, which is then compatible with most credit card processing companies. They do have a toll-free number to call, so that would allow US merchants to call them if they need assistance without incurring high long distance charges. This would be a requirement in my opinion for any Canadian or International company that wants to acquire US merchants.

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