All I want for Christmas is my credit card fees to be capped says the merchant
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 19th, 2009

A local owner of a furniture store is saying all the credit card processing fees he is paying can be burdensome.  With the holidays around the corner, issuers may increase Interchange shortly, which will add to their costs.   The owner said they simply want to keep the rates at a reasonable level, which is acceptable.  The issue is where do you draw that line of being not reasonable?  Many merchants claim that they must pass down these costs to the consumers.  My question for them is how do you calculate every other business expense?  Nothing else is as set as compared to credit card fees as they are charged on a per transaction bases.  Take your utilities, rent, insurance, etc.  What about all those fees, are you not theoretically passing those fees along?  Business is just that.  Businesses must make a profit and regardless of what their total overall cost are to run their business, they will price their products accordingly.  It doesn’t matter where all the expenses come from.  It is simply easy to single out Interchange as it is the only expense that is occurred on almost every dollar brought in.

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