Amex is targeting young adults with responsible spending.
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 11th, 2009

Amex has been running a campaign recently targeting consumers that want to be more responsible with their credit card usage. Amex has always been known as a card that requires you to pay your ball in full, but do not incur interest charges and other bank related fees. That also means young people have never really been interested in them. That may have changed now. They introduced a card call the Zync Card. It comes with a small annual fee and consumers get to participate in their rewards program. The downside is not every merchant accepts Amex because Amex has always charged more in credit card processing fees. I personally do not see much of a benefit with Amex when you have Visa & MasterCard that give out as good or better rewards. Plus, V/MC are the default cards, every merchant accepts them if they are accepting any type of card, whereas Amex is a luxury. That is why most consumers that carry an Amex card, also have a V/MC as too many merchants do not accept their card. Times are definitely changing and who knows what we will see in 3 to 5 yrs from now.

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