Amex reports highest spending ever this year
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 20th, 2009

Amex may be returning to growth levels as a major credit card processing company by increasing its issuing as it has reached its highest growth rate this year.  Amex mentioned at a conference in NY recently that annual billings grew by 3% in October, the highest so far.  This is a lot better than compared to September, which saw a decline of more than 5% and 10% for August.  This is great news for ecommerce merchants everywhere.  This means they will be processing more orders as consumers are starting spend more, or at least with an Amex.  Even though Amex posted a disappointing 21% decline in income this recent 3rd qtr, the next qtr is looking a lot more positive.  Hopefully this shopping season will be a much better one for the economy as we really could use it right now.

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