Are you buying stolen goods?
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 1st, 2009

Is that particular bargain product you are considering buying from an online merchant stolen merchandise?  There are many online stores that sell products that have been stolen or counterfeited, such as pain relievers and diabetic testing strips.  If the bargain you are looking at seems a little too good to be true, then it very well may be.  Many of these fraudsters still products from retailers and then try to sell them online for a quick buck.   Online auctions are a popular choice for many to sell their stolen goods quickly.

Another issues is many merchants are selling replicas of other brands.  Such as selling a bag from Coach that really wasn’t made bythem, but someone else in China or some other place.  This is called replica goods.  It is not legal and I have heard of a lawsuit of a big fashion brand going after a few credit card processing companies for they allowed those merchants to process credit cards on their system. The suit mentioned they should not have even allowed them to setup an account with them. I assume the brands expect our industry to do some policing which it is not our job. It is illegal and most processors will not touch it. If anything, the idea that the products are not legal to sell should convince them enough.

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