Are you taking advantage of referral business
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on January 26th, 2010

referralAre you having a hard time taking your company to the next level?  Are you currently taking advantage of the powerful referral business? I can’t speak for most companies in the credit card processing arena, but puts 100% effort in obtaining as many referrals from current customers as possible. You can too and here are several ways of doing it. I will skip the reasons as to why you should go after referrals, but simply put, they are the best leads any business could ask for. 1. Be cautious with the timing of your referral request. You want your customers to experience your service before you ask for referrals. 2. Always remember, not all clients are referral candidates, only about 20% generally are. 3. Offer incentives for your customers to refer your products or services.  Such as, we offer our clients $50 for anyone they refer that signs up and gets approved.  4. always sends out hand written thank you cards after a customer signs up.  This may be a great time to ask for a referral. Also, be sure to ask for referrals whenever your customer needs assistance in the future and you have helped them with their problem.  People love to spread the word about a company after they have fixed their problem for them.

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