Banks & credit card acceptance, is that a good choice
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 20th, 2009

In my opinion, Banks are not a good source to get a credit card processing account setup and there are many reasons as to why I say that. It is still true today, most banks do not provide adequate services for ecommerce merchants. Banks have always been focused and geared toward consumers and retail merchants, but not much for the online arena. There are some big banks that are however. Most of your big banks like BOA, Wells & Chase do offer merchant services directly through them, but many of your regional banks do not. They generally partner with someone else like to provide this service to their customers. I personally would rather share the wealth. If the bank already has your banking business, why not give the credit card processing to some other company that will provide you with the same level of service or better? This is with the assumption that the pricing is the same or similar between the two parties. Plus, because of the size of many banks, you do not get any personal service or attention. You are simply customer number 1,250,493 out of their 5 million customers for example. Lastly, I have personally found that banks at many times take advantage of merchants because they have that established relationship with the merchant. For that, I have seen merchants pay hefty fees for the processing and credit card machines.

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