Be sure to give thanks to your vendors & customers
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 14th, 2009

I think now is a good time to look back at your success for 2009 and give thanks to all of your vendors and customers that helped play a part in it.  Without your vendors, you wouldn’t have any products to sell.  Without your customers, you wouldn’t have anyone to buy them.  I do not know about everyone else in the credit card processing industry, but us here at, we are very grateful. We are also looking forward to a prosperous 2010. The last few years have been tough on all businesses, including our industry. With some laws passing this year about consumer credit cards and all the talk or push for regulation from some merchants like 7 Eleven, we are glad and grateful nothing much has changed yet.  No one can predict the future, but as of right now, things seem to be looking on a more positive note.  Hopefully, 2010 will be a much better year for the economy as a whole.  So while you are spending time with your families this holiday season, give thanks and be glad your business survived another year in this tough economy.  If you are able to make it through this economy, think of what you will accomplish during a thriving economy!

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