Bill Me later found itself some trouble.
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on January 15th, 2010

Does your business currently accept payments using the Bill Me later service in addition to credit card processinglogo-slogan payments.  Bill Me later is currently facing a law suit over the interest rate they charge for their service.  The suit was filed by a former customer of Bill Me later.   The suit is asking for 3 times the amount of interest Bill Me later charged the plaintiff and anyone else who joins.  They claimed the interest rates could be as large as 40 to 100% APR.  Since they are not a chartered bank, they are not regulated by the government.  While the service can be a very good selling tool for merchants, I think this law suit is frivolous.  People are suing companies for unjust reasons.  In my opinion, if you are not ok with the percentages that they will charge you, then do not use their service.  Simply do not buy the products if you do not have the cash and live your life within your means.  It sounds like this person was doing exactly that and instead of taking responsibility for their own choices, they decided to pass the blame onto the company and try to get some money out of it.  This ultimately then affects the rest of us as law suits are very expensive.

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