Boss Cart Review
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 21st, 2009

Here is a review on the Boss Cart shopping cart service.  The company is headquartered in the UK and has around 10K users.  Kevin, the CEO gave the Interview.  Boss Cart started off when the company used to develop a cart specifically designed for each merchant.  This would come with a steep cost.  Then a few years ago, they decided to create a off-the-shelf product they could sell in the masses that would work for any particular merchant.  The cart is license based and users have the freedom to modify the code as they see fit.  The cart is a little on the expensive end, at $330.  This does include unlimited fixes and support.

Kevin said some of its major strengths is the cart’s versatility, various marketing modules and SEO friendly design.  If the cart doesn’t already have a feature and if a enough customers request for it, they will develop it at no extra charge.  One big disadvantage is if you are a US merchant, you may find it difficult getting support since they are located in the UK.    There are some good news though.  They are compatible with most US credit card processing service providers. They are running a special at the moment, 15% off discount as a Christmas offer.

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