Business Scam Alert: Phone scam
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 21st, 2009

There is a recent scam going around that business owners should be aware of.  The way the scam works is someone calls the business saying they are with merchant services, the merchant’s credit card processing company and ask the person that answers the phone if they have ran any credit card transactions that day.  The employee may answer with two for example.  The caller then informs the employee that there has been a problem with one of the transactions and asks to confirm the information about the cards.  Such as the 6 digit authorization number, the amount and the name of the card holder.   The caller will ask about the last transaction and then inform the employee they already have that one, it is the other transaction.  The caller then asks for the customer’s phone number and the employee then became suspicious.  After refusing, the caller became frustrated and hung up.  The employee called the card holder and told them that someone actually called them saying they were calling from the store asking her the same information.  The way the caller found the customer’s information was that they had their phone number listed in the phone book.    The customer said when they called them, their caller ID said the name of the business.  The caller then asked them for the credit card number, but the customer refused saying they would come to the store.  This is simply one way thieves are trying to obtain customer’s credit card data.  If anything, consumers shouldn’t be alarmed as they are not responsible for a dime on any fraudulent transactions if they still have the physical card.  If they lose the card itself, then they are liable up to $50.

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