Cartfly review
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 18th, 2009

Cartfly is another shopping cart I’m reviewing today.  Cartfly is an ecommerce shopping cart tailored to the mini stores that use social media network sites, blogs and personal web sites.  It is being used on over 8,000 sites.   Instead of luring customers to your web site, this cart allows you to come where the customers are.  This can be useful since social media is a hot topic these days.  The cost is free to setup and are charged 3% transaction fee when something is sold.  The price isn’t too high, about what it costs for credit card processing services, which you would still need. Their big advantage is it works with social media sites, which most carts do not. Their big disadvantage is it can be a basic feature set.  They can also work with Facebook, twitter and myspace, bring business to a whole new market.

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