Need some ecommerce ideas? How about a few of them.

Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 17th, 2009

Industry insiders give great ecommerce tips all the time.  Here is a list of them for 2009.  Product reviews – they can be a very powerful feature.  Most consumers will buy a product when it has been reviewed by other users, especially when dealing with online stores vs retail.  Information – only ask for the information you must have.  People are reluctant to give out personal information, such as credit card processing data, so only ask what is necessary to sell them your products or services.  Market share – now is the time to ramp up your advertising budget to gain market share.  The economy isn’t doing well, so your competitors are advertising less making this a great time to take over.  PR – always maximize the power of press releases.  It can be great exposure for your company.  Product descriptions – always use unique content when describing your products.  When describing the product, make it sound like a sales presentation, describe the benefits, what will it do for the customers, etc.  Look at big online retailers for examples.  Trust – earn it by keeping your promises.  If you say all orders by 2 PM CST ship same day, be sure to always hold to that as much as possible.  Social media – this can be a great way to stay connected to your customers.  Consumers like to do business with companies that have a relationship with them and this is a great way to get that on a personal level.

Success factors that matters in small ecommerce merchants

Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 17th, 2009

As the Internet and ecommerce has evolved, the success rate for ecommerce merchants has become more challenging.  There are six factors that can come into play.  Product line – you must have something unique.  You will have a very difficult time selling a product that a lot of other retailers like Amazon sell.  Mindset – If you are small company, use that to your advantage.  Focus on customer service and their experience when they shop with you.  Everything you do with your business matters, including the image you portray.  Abilities – if you don’t have the skills to do something, hire someone to do it.  By utilizing the Internet that feeds your business, you can find someone who can help you for a reasonable fee.  Presentation – as mentioned before, the company image your web site portrays is very important.  It must be professional and give the customers an impression they can trust you.  Technology – be sure to maximize your use of technology.  This includes using a great shopping cart and credit card processing company to handle your online payments.

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