ClearCart review
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 17th, 2009

Today, I’m reviewing a shopping cart called ClearCart.  The information was gathered from Emily, Their CEO.  The cart was designed for and by women.  It is hosted only type of product, meaning it must reside on their servers.  It is a little expensive in my opinion, $250 setup and $100 per month.  Emily said their biggest strength is their appeal to women directly, attention to the design is used in the admin area, keeping the shopping cart experience simple and offering round the clock support regardless of the client’s size.  The downside is they do not provide the source code to the php/mysql information for advanced users.   Emily also claims that many merchants switch to them simply because they can not get a hold of their current vendor, take orders and manage the shipping easily.  Another great feature is their cart is compatible with most credit card processing companies and payment gateways like

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