Convenience stores protest over processing fees
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 16th, 2009

There has been a lot of news lately about convenience store owners protesting over the fees they are charged for their credit card processing service.  7-eleven recently went to Capital hill with like millions of signatures from consumers contesting to it.  The problem with that is most consumers have no idea what they are really signing and what it means.  Merchants should consider several things.  For starter, it is a cost of doing business.   Just like there is a cost to handle cash as the store.  Is anyone complaining about all the other bills they have, like utilities, rent, insurance, etc?  Secondly, if they are so upset with it, why not stop accepting credit cards?  They would tell you they would probably lose too much business.  That should be enough right there!  I agree credit cards have become almost like a currency.

However, view it as a better currency.  You generally have ticket lifts vs cash paying customers, you receive your funds in a day or two and you do not have to worry about all that cash being held in the draw for employees or robbers to steal.

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