Cyber Monday is a success for Amazon
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 2nd, 2009

Amazon is starting to release its sales data for sales on Cyber Monday.  They are reporting a 44% increase in visitors compared to 2008, which is great news for the ecommerce world.  This doesn’t indicate sales, but gives you an idea that things may be looking up.  Among the top retailers, they received over 15% of all US shoppers which is a big market share.  My personal favorite store, JCP, only received 2 1/2%.    Amazon’s success may have been because of the price wars between them & Wal-Mart which generated a lot of buzz.  Amazon also reported nice numbers for the third-party marketplace on their site, some sellers seem to have done nicely for Cyber Monday.  This should also be positive news for the credit card processing industry as our revenues are all tied to how much merchants process. We will know for sure in January, but I’m feeling good about things already.

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