Don’t let consumers abandoned their shopping cart
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 17th, 2009

Almost all merchants experience shopping cart abandonment.  The only thing a merchant can do is minimize it as much as possible.  According to a white paper, here are some reasons why consumers abandon their cart.  Shipping charges, comparing prices, lack of money, looking for coupons, concerned about credit card processing data security and item was out of stock.  When it comes to shipping charges, make this information readily available as soon as they add something to their cart.  Do not require them to register or make anymore clicks of their mouse.  Once they add something, the shipping rate should be shown on the following screen without a lot of extra clicks.  To help with the security concern, show security icons, such as a SSL certificate being used.  Create trust by having contact information readily available.  Make your return policy easy to find.  Offering discounts & coupons directly on your site can help increase sales as well.  Use and encourage customers to post reviews on products they have purchased.  This helps consumers feel at ease of a particular product, such as is it of quality, will it last, does it perform well, will I like it, etc.  Just think of if this way, would you be more than likely to buy something if 100 other customers have reviewed the product?  Amazon for example uses this heavily.

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