Don’t mess with women when it comes to business
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 18th, 2009

Women are becoming a big key player in business.    During the course of the year, women owned businesses are generating around $3 trillion in revenue and employ 16% of the workforce.  I think it is great that women are starting to become  a big part to the entrepreneur industry.  As with men, women bring a unique perspective and view to the table.  The way they think and consider can be totally separate from men.  While this can be good, there are some possible downsides.  But that can also be said with men.  That is why it is important to have both females and males at the top of an organization.  That way you can draw the best things from both counterparts.

One thing I have noticed when talking to merchants is women seem to ask more questions, especially about the credit card processing fees. This can be very important as the industry as a whole is very fee oriented and if one doesn’t ask questions and fully understand what they are getting into, they could possibly find themselves in a pickle  This is a big plus in women’s favor.

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