eBay was down on Saturday
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

The popular eBay site was recently found broken and not operational.    Thousands of shoppers found the site down on Saturday saying the search they entered wasn’t about to run.  Thankfully, weekend sales are generally relatively small compared to during the week.  But there are thousands of businesses and merchants that rely on eBay to generate them their business.  There are some that sale exclusively on eBay and this down time may reflect in their sales for the month.  This would also mean that Paypal’s credit card processing service through the site wasn’t operational either. The last update from eBay was at 6:28 PM EST saying that due to errors in some of their backend systems, members may be receiving error messages. eBay recommends using their advanced search option as a work around until the issue is resolved. This is no doubt something that will be talked about among the many merchants that sell on eBay and how much it has affected them. Hopefully, most merchants will not see much of an impact.

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