Ecommerce business & gift cards, is it a good match
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 24th, 2009

Every business should be offering gift cards, even if you are an ecommerce store.  Take for example, they are offering gift cards.  Gift cards is big business today.  About 70% of consumers purchase gift cards.  It allows them to give money to the recipient in a way that is perceived better by society, in the form of gift cards.  Also, consumers seem to really like to give and receive gift cards.  What would you rather receive, cold hard cash or a gift card to your favorite retailer?  Ecommerce merchants shouldn’t over look this opportunity.  Just because you do not have a store to walk into, doesn’t mean you can’t offer gift cards.

Your customer base is a great place to start to market the product.  This includes all current and previous customers that have ordered from you.  Most consumers like to spread the word about companies they really like and enjoy their products.  Gift cards is one way to do that.  If you are an ecommerce merchant, then you can get setup with gift card processing generally through your credit card processing company as many also provide this service to their merchants as they have partnered with a gift card company.  It may be too late to consider this for this holiday season, but definitely look into it for next year.

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