Ecommerce merchants, get ready for the holiday season
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 19th, 2009

Are you an ecommerce merchant that is ready for the holiday sales season?  It is just around the corner and consumers are shopping earlier these days, way before thanksgiving.  Here are some ways to spice up your site and increase your sales.  Add some holiday cheer to your web site.  Use some holiday graphics that makes your web site look like the season.  Shoppers love great shipping deals, especially free ones.  Be sure whatever shipping deal you are having, the customer easily knows about it by promptly displaying this information on the site.  Do know if you do not charge for shipping, one good thing will be is your total sales amount will be less, which would mean you pay less in credit card processing fees! Gift cards is a huge business, be sure to offer them even if you are not a retail merchant. Be generous when it comes to return policies around the holiday time. Most big merchants give 30 days after December 31, as the recipient will not have the gift until the end of Dec. This will also help you keep your chargebacks to a minimum, which will also reduce the fees you pay in that area as well. Contests are another way to increase sales, people like a chance to win something big.

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