Ecommerce: web design – tables or CSS
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

Many ecommerce merchants have the dilemma of deciding if they should use tables or CSS to build their web site.  Just like a merchant’s credit card processing system, the web site must be fast and robust as well. Html tables have been used for over a decade now. They are great and easy to understand and build. But they do have their limitations. CSS is something that was born several years back and is a great way to manipulate your website however you wish. Instead of using tables to divide up your web site, you can use CSS to create the site. CSS is basically a style sheet that you reference to within your website. This particular style sheet specifies everything. Color, font, style and even the location of all of your content. So if you wanted a navigation bar on the left hand side, so many pixels wide and so many pixels to the right of the left hand side of the screen, you can do that. Basically everything floats around and CSS tells where everything should be placed, down to the exact pixel. Just like html tables, you can integrate your website with your shopping cart as well, it will not be any harder than html tables.

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