Ecommerce web sites: keep the loading time to lightning fast
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

Did you know you have about two seconds to get your web site loaded before a shopper will generally get frustrated before leaving your site?  Granted, this applies to shoppers on a high speed connection, which is most of the population these days.  In 3 seconds, almost half of all shoppers will abandon the site completely according to a recent survey.   The study was based on over 1,000 shoppers and was conducted in July of this year to aim at measuring how customer’s experience have changed during the past few years.  I think you can blame a lot of this on Google.  Google’s site is so fast and quick to load (granted there isn’t much to load) that it has created those expectations among society.

How do you make this happen?  For starters, you need a web hosting company that providers very fast hosting services.  Two, you need a well designed site that isn’t extremely large in size.  Third, you need a shopping cart system that is robust, reliable and operates really fast.  Fourth, you will need a credit card processing gateway that is just as fast as everything else, like the service.  Finally, you will need a high speed connection yourself to test everything out.  If you do not already have one, you should as I can’t see how any business could operate today on a slow dial up connection.   With satellite services, everyone can have high speed Internet.

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