Fairytale Brownies, how they empower their business
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 9th, 2009

Fairytale Brownies empowers its business mostly from printed catalogs they mail to almost 2 million households yearly. They normally gross over 7 million a year. Even though they draw most of their business from the Internet and the catalog mailings is their biggest lead source, it is all because most of the people that go to their site received the catalog in the mail. They have also created their own shopping cart system that was customized from an off the shelf product. They use First Data for their credit card processing service. They said the key to their success is their cart runs everything except accounting. It runs shipping, printing the orders, manage the customer database and inventory all the transactions. They also mentioned a few other things such as giving employees the power to make sure every customer is satisfied, how you label an employee and what they do with customer service. I did noticed they do not have much of an organic SEO campaign besides their blog, so they could be missing out a lot there. However, 7 to 8 million a year in sales says they are doing fairly well already. I simply wonder how much better they could do.

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