Go online to boot your business’ revenue
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 30th, 2009

Many business owners are successfully going online to increase their company.  One may reach out a specific customer nice, another showcase her work.  Almost all forms of business are taking advantage of the Internet and if not, they are really missing out.  Giving your bottom line a boost requires a focused strategy.  That’s exactly what Terra from The Ribbon Rack did exactly.   She took an idea from a fellow Air Force supervisor, learned the technique and went out and created a web site to sell it.    She did her research on ecommerce web design, including shopping cart integrations and credit card processing service. She used FrontPage to create the site. She didn’t know SEO, so she used Google’s PPC service. She has several full and part-time employees. She didn’t make very much in the beginning, but the business seems to be taking off for her. She did note that the great thing about working from home, is she was able to move the business when her husband had to move to another base. She also stated that getting the web site designed from someone else can be expensive if you do not do enough research. She has known some people to spending $20K for a web site design.

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