Google’s new future algorithm
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 8th, 2009

I recently read an article that I totally agree with when it comes to SEO.  This really doesn’t relate much to the credit card processing business, but I felt every ecommerce business should know this. There have been studies published that show a web site’s speed & load time has a definite affect on its conversion ratio. Us humans are impatient and we are expecting web sites to load faster than ever before. There has been talk among the SEO industry that load speed would find its way into Google’s ranking algorithm. Google hasn’t stated anything of such, but they have released a new feature in webmaster tools that shows you statistics on how fast your site has been for Google and how long some pages have been taking to load. This is a big sign that Google very well may end up implementing this in their rankings, as early as 2010.

It makes complete sense to me. They use the service for their adwords, which is the bread & butter for Google, why not implement it for the organic results, the big drive that brings users to Google to search in the first place, which gets people to click on their paid links. I would recommend looking into this and get your website up to speed. If you need to get a faster web host, then do it.

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