How ecommerce merchants can improve site usability
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 21st, 2009

Would you like to improve your site’s usability to increase your conversion ratio?   Have a great organized web site is very important.  Lets pretend you walked into a retail store.  Would you shop there or stay long if there was clutter everywhere?  The isles were not lined up well, stuff on the floor, product mixed in with each other, etc?  Of course not!  This doesn’t change when consumers shop online!  The 8 second rule is something the industry refers to as when a visitor comes to your site, we all generally take about 8 seconds to decide if we are going to stay or not.  Feedback – you can obtain reviews from other people for as little as $1.  Amazon has a service called Mechanical Turk that includes thousands of people willing to do a review for you for cheap.  Another tool is Google website optimizer.  It lets you test various versions of your sites or particular pages to see which one performs better.  Once you make some improvements on your site, your sales volume could go up a lot.  The downside to that is you will have higher credit card processing fees, but the good part of that is it means you have more sales!

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