Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 18th, 2009

Today, I will be talking about an ecommerce merchant  The web site was launched in 2000, almost a decade ago.  As you can tell by the name, it is a Christmas store.  When they started the site, they were thinking it would actually be a beginning to opening a retail location but that never worked out as the ecommerce site keeps them busy enough.  I would say the size of this company is still small.  They have around 2,500 SKUs and very seasonal, but can be a very profitable business.  They are expecting to hit $500,000 this year.  Personally, I’m surprised by this as I do not think the web site is very professional.  I also wonder if they had someone redesigned their site, would their sales double or even triple?  They started off using Yahoo as their shopping cart system and still use them today.  The big downside to Yahoo is they are only compatible with one particular credit card processing platform, First Data Nashville. This limits the merchant’s choices when it comes to selecting a merchant account provider. One good thing is they do not outsource their ordering management system. They do it themselves and use Quickbooks to manage their finances.

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