Is it a good idea to be the first franchisee of a new franchise
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 18th, 2009

Being a franchisee is general is a completely different topic in itself.  But what about the idea of being the first franchisee of a new franchise system.  Susan, an owner of seven Batteries Plus gives us their experience.  She said being the first has its advantages and disadvantages.  One big plus is open territories.  The big downside I would think could be support and experience since the business hasn’t ever been in the franchise arena which is a whole ball game all together.  One of the important things to figure out would be who will be handling the store’s credit card processing service. Like many franchises, they require or highly encourage franchisees to use the company corporate is working with. Susan did say that you must have a good feeling about the owners, their drive to grow the franchise and support you every way possible. Don’t forget, you have the Internet and all of its resources at your fingertips. Something that wasn’t available for them back when they started in 1992.

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