Is it time to wean consumers off huge discounts in 2010
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on January 11th, 2010

This year may look very different for consumers in terms of big discounts.  Many large merchants are reporting that they plan on keeping their inventories low to cut operating costs.   It is different for each industry though.  For example, take the auto industry.  They are slowly seeing a 15% increase in auto sales.   The clothing store on the other hand, maybe one of the few markets that will still be heavily discounting to encourage consumers to keep shopping.  However, the discounts may not be as big as last year.  Deep discounts is a result of overstocking and big chain merchants should do a much better job this year controlling it.  The economy doesn’t seem to be dropping anymore, but it will definitely take time for consumers to feel confident enough to start spending big bucks again.  Business for us in the credit card processing industry took a big drop in December, but things seem to have picked back up after the new year.  This is the main reason for such a delay in posting a new topic.  We are seeing more merchants calling us that are interested in switching processors to save a little bit on their processing fees.

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