Is there such a thing as secure security software
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 21st, 2009

Heartland’s CEO Steven doesn’t believe there is such a thing as secure software and probably will never be.  Steven learned the hard way when he was brought on board at the company to find out that their network had been compromised for months and millions of credit card numbers had been stolen.  The actual numbers are unknown, but the fact that they process more than 100 million transactions a month for more than 250K merchants, that should almost guarantee it has been among the largest breach in history.  They lost more than 500 million due to the breach.   The credit card processing giant has announced that they have plans to develop and release software and hardware to implement end-to-end encryption to ensure the data’s security from point a to point b. According to Steven, end-to-end encryption has been avoided for many years mainly because of the cost. Due to all the breaches in the past few years, the industry may have no other choice but to embrace it and absorb the expense. The TJ max breach a few years back is another large breach that has also helped bring attention to implement this type of encryption. I personally think encryption is important, but it is vulnerable like anything else. If hackers want something, you can’t stop them. You simply try to stay ahead of them and beat them at their own game.

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