Is your store turning away customers
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 30th, 2009

Mike from describes his recent experience in a REI store located in California.  It is a warm 80 degrees on a December day.  He went there looking for some clothing and the first thing he noticed is it was warm in the store.  This definitely did not encourage him to try on any clothing.   I think most business owners would agree, nothing turns a shopper away faster than an uncomfortable experience.  Society as a whole is becoming more picky on what they expect and will tolerate.   It doesn’t matter if you or your employees are comfortable, but your customers.   How can this apply to your business?  I personally go to a local gym here in Denton and at times, it feels like they try to save money by not keeping the place at a cool temperature.  I would think most fitness people would agree, that is one of the most important things for a gym.  Another area that can cause inconveniences for your customers is the speed in which you handle your credit card processing. For example, the speed it takes to process a credit card transaction can be critical for a fast food restaurant. Not so much for a sit down eatery, but is for many types of businesses. Also, older credit card machines process transactions slower than newer units. Such as the Verifone 3200 machine is awfully slow compared to a newer units introduced in the last five years.

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