Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 23rd, 2009

A recent review of was posted by another company and found the review to be well done.   First, it points out that the site is clean, elegant and modern, something I couldn’t agree more.  The image they portray is as important as the retail stores.  Josabank has a reputation for a certain level of quality and luxury and this must be maintained throughout their retail and Internet stores.  One thing the reviewer noticed was that they do not have a well designed 404 error page that instructs the user where to go if they landed on a page that doesn’t exist anymore.  This can happen as other web sites may link to a particular page that gets taken down for whatever reason.  The header has been done nicely, with everything split up into categories that are easy to browse.  One thing I personally like is how they give you your current total of your shopping cart at the top of the page.  This allows you to know how much you have spent thus far and how much left remaining before you earn free shipping.  This is a great sales tool on their part.  It also seems that they have their credit card processing integrated into their web site, which also keeps the same professional web site look throughout the entire shopping experience.

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