Lets all give thanks to the POS credit card terminal
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on December 17th, 2009

Being close to the holiday season, I figured it would be a good time to give thanks to the POS.  I feel the payment industry has been very blessed for many years and all of this is due to the POS, also known as the credit card machine.  Who was the very first company to introduce the POS and when exactly was that?  If it wasn’t for credit card machines, this whole industry wouldn’t exist. wouldn’t exist nor the thousands of payment processors out there as well as Internet commerce. 

Now, with all of this, you still need consumers to buy and pay with their plastic.  So we should also give thanks to all the consumers that do use their plastic.  Without them, the industry wouldn’t have grown from something very tiny to the behemoth that it is today.  If we are going to thank these two, we probably should also thank all the technology companies involved as well, as they helped make all of this happen by bring products & solutions to the table that made the acceptance possible.  Such as being created over a decade ago, creating a whole new industry known as Internet commerce.   In short, I’m grateful for the invention of the POS.  Without it, I wouldn’t have a job today with stable income and an opportunity to do something I really love.  So whether you are a merchant, consumer or one in the same industry as us, lets all be grateful and appreciate everything we have today.

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