Merchant attrition is a big concern for many ISO’s
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 30th, 2009

Many ISO’s have had a tough year in 2009.  With shrinking margins and other challenges, many ISO’s are being forced to become creative on how to increase revenue for the new year.  This is all based on a study that was released by Aite.  They surveyed 28 credit card processing companies and 17 banks that acquire merchants. This includes most of the top 100 largest acquirers. When they were asked about their 2010 challenges, many stated customer attrition will be one of them. Then margins and PCI compliance followed. As the economy tighten, many merchants will want to see what kind of savings they can find with all of their vendors and expenses. What are some of things merchants are asking for most? Pricing being the number one, then reputation and better service third. I was surprised by the reputation answer, I figured that wouldn’t be very important, but all the data breaches this year and years past, may play a big role in this.  I also find it interesting that 69% of acquirers said they plan on increasing their sales force, which means more competition for companies like  I personally welcome the challenge as most acquirers do not provide the level of personal service that we do and most of our merchants appreciate the personal touch.

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