Merchants are turning to cash advances
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 18th, 2009

Many small businesses are turning to cash advances to satisfy their funding needs.  Many small businesses are unable to get loans from banks for the funding needs they have,  such as expanding, covering holiday inventory purchases, etc.  Banks are even more stringent with their money with the tight economy.  Therefore, a lot of merchants are turning to cash advances from their credit card processing provider.   The way it works is a merchant is advanced a certain amount of cash that is then repaid back through their credit card charges & deposits.  For example, a recent restaurant owner needed money to expand his building by a 100 sq ft.  He was able to get a $100,000 cash advance from his processor, EVO.  Typical advances range from the low 10,000 to the high 80′s.  The maximum that most cash advance companies will do is $250,000.

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