Merchants have a new tool when it comes to chargebacks
Posted by: Curtis Stevens on November 20th, 2009 is a great new service that was designed to help merchants fight against consumers and their chargebacks.  This is a great tool in the merchant’s arsenal when it comes to credit card processing. The way the service works, is they keep a list of “bad” customers. Ones that have supposedly wronged a merchant by disputing a charge when they shouldn’t have. It also includes customers that are prone to having a lot o chargebacks, a sign of someone that simply isn’t ever happy. Over 300 merchants contribute to the list and is growing all the time. When a participating merchant uses the service, the customer’s information is matched against their database and the merchant is notified when a match has been made and what to do to rectify the situation as the transaction has been declined.

Consumers may get off the’s database list, but it will cost them a $99 fee. If the consumer has tried to resolve the dispute with the merchant directly, they are removed from the list at no charge. The service itself is funded mostly by other services the company offers.

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